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Conditions of participation
Regarding the participation at the “5th International Masterclasses for Chamber Music”

General declarations

Within the framework of the 5th International Masterclasses for Chamber Music 2019 the forum alte musik : sankt gerold will be holding masterclasses and concerts in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg, Austria). These will be held by renowned baroque specialists with international acclaim.

Schedule of masterclasses

The 5th International Masterclasses for Chamber Music will take place in the Kapuzinerkloster Feldkirch from August 03rd - 09th 2019. The participants will receive solo and ensemble lessons from several of the teachers with daily varying schedules. Lessons are open to the public.

Availability of practice facilities

The participants are allowed to practice in their rooms, in classified practicing rooms, in the (free) class rooms as well as on the campus of the Kapuzinerkloster. Organists have access to the organ of the Evangelische Kirche Feldkirch for lessons and practicing.


The participants will stay at the Hotel Bären.

The arrival is on the 03rd of August, until 4:00 pm. latest.  All participants stay at the Hotel Bären in shared rooms
(for 2-4 people). The allocation will be made by forum alte musik : sankt gerold. 

A small number of single rooms are available, however an extra fee of 12 € per day has to be paid (-> fees -> housing). If you desire to have a single room, you have to mention it with your application, for the rooms will be given away on a first come, first serve basis.

On the day of departure, rooms have to be vacated by 11am. 

Exceptions from the above times can be made under special circumstances if they are appointed with forum alte musik : sankt gerold beforehand (e.g. at registration). For cancellations of the accomodation after June 30th 2019 (application deadline) a cancellation fee of 250€ has to be paid.

All participants and teachers will eat together. Full board is included in the housing fee. Breakfast will be served at the Hotel Bären, whereas lunch and dinner will be served in the Refektorium of the Kapuzinerkloster. 


A complete application including the application form and the application fee may be handed in until the deadline of June 30th 2019 to the office of forum alte musik : sankt gerold. 

The directors of the masterclasses will choose the active participants in agreement with the teaching staff.

Requirements for Participation

Applicants are expected to have experience or even made studies in historically informed performance. Participants have to bring their own instruments, except for harpsichord and organ. Minimum age for participation is 18. In particular cases of outstanding talent exceptions can be made regarding the artistic vita of the applicants; a supervisor has to be present in this case.

Video – and Audio Recording (if available, not obligatory)

The submitted recordings should contain pieces of the actual repertoire of the applicant. The recording should not be older than one year. It has not to be a professional recording. Nevertheless, cut and edited recordings are not permitted. The recordings can be sent to [email protected], videos can be uploaded on YouTube as “unlisted”, so that they are not public.


Closing date for registration: 30th June 2019

Payment dates:

Payment of application fee: with the application

Payment of course fee: after confirmation of participation, at the latest 15th July 2019

Payment of housing fee: at the latest 25th July 2019


The fees include application fee, masterclass and housing.

Application fee

The application fee is 100 €.

This fee becomes due with the application. The applicants will receive the account details via e-mail. 

Course fee

The course fee is 250 €.

This fee becomes due after the applicant’s participation has been confirmed, at the latest 15th July 2019 (-> Deadlines -> Payment of course fee).

A refund of the fees is only possible in case of the cancellation of the Masterclasses. If a participant cancels his participation at the masterclass, the fee will be kept as processing fee.


The housing for the whole week is to be paid at the latest 25th July 2019 (-> Deadlines -> Payment of housing fee). Housing fee: 50€ per day. For single rooms an additional 12 € per day has to be payed (Attention: limited number of single rooms, see above). 

It includes modern rooms, three meals and the use of the "Wellness-Oase" at the Hotel Bären...


The participants of the International Masterclasses get free entrance to all concerts during the Masterclasses. This includes the "Eröffnungskonzert" of the teachers on 03rd August 2019 at 05.00 pm. in the Kapuzinerkirche Feldkirch. 

The final concert of the 5th International Masterclasses for Chamber Music 2019 is taking place on August 09th 2019. Other concerts and performances will take place during the course of the week. Concert programmes will be compiled by the director of the masterclasses in agreement with the teaching staff. Participation at a concert cannot be requested.

Granting of Rigths

The society forum alte musik : sankt gerold reserves the right to take photos, audio and video recordings during the masterclasses. The participants transfer all rights of use to the society forum alte musik : sankt gerold, especially the rights to use photos and videos for future advertisements (flyer, poster, website, etc.).

The participants have to care for and handle carefully and rooms and furnishings, such as their private rooms, class rooms and open spaces as well as the furniture and equipment therein. This includes, but is not limited to, musical instruments, media equipment, conference technique and any other inventory. Damages are the sole liability of the participants.

Limitation of Liability 
The society forum alte musik : sankt gerold is not responsible for any loss or damages of personal items of the participants. This includes, but is not limited to, musical instruments.

Data Protection
The society forum alte musik : sankt gerold saves contact data of the participant in order to enable the organization of the International Masterclasses for Chamber Music 2019. Data will only be used with this purpose and is not being passed on to third parties.

Final remark
Corrections of mistakes as well as print- or calculting errors is reserved.